New Website

Welcome to the New

Welcome to the new Oak Flats Cricket Club official website. A volunteer project that has been in the works for over a year now. The goal of the new website is to improve the functionality by automating certain traditional manual services, providing more detailed information for our members & guests, a more comprehensive media library, a greater means to document the history of the club & create a paperless environment. Some of the new features include:

  • Online registrations
  • Online Merch Store
  • Latest Club News
  • Weekly Captain/Coach journals
  • Club Records & Honours
  • Sponsors Portal

For anyone that has used our previous website, you would agree that it didn’t achieve much besides displaying game & player statistics. The reality was that the rest of the website was virtually unused. For good reason though, the previous website was a very basic platform provided for free by Cricket Australia. 99% of cricket clubs around the country currently use our previous setup. Unfortunately the platform used is extremely outdated & gives websites the appearance of those created 15-20 years ago. They do not compare to what a modern website can achieve & do not really provide the club any automation.

Now we have a fully custom-built solution worth over $10,000. As mentioned, many services are now automated & the expansion possibilities are limitless. If you have a look around the country, you will struggle to find a more purpose based & visually appealing solution.

…We encourage everyone to share this website through your social media & help expand our online presence through the local community

Please have a browse through the website & feel free to send us any suggestions or questions through the contact form or social media