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We’re all about promoting equal opportunity, inclusion, building everlasting friendships & showing the Rats fighting spirit!
The Oak Flats Cricket Club, nicknamed “The Rats” boasts a proud history. First established in 1975 by a number of founding families & individuals that all contributed to the initial creation of the club. The founders were loyalist to the Oak Flats community & the had the vision to create a fully inclusive community for locals to take part in the local cricket competition & a goal to produce top quality local talent. Over time that vision has been realised & expanded on immensely. The club is still producing top quality cricketers year after year & hundreds of new friendships are being developed.


Over 45 years of history & experience as a successful club
Top Class Facilities
Our facilities are some of the finest between Sydney & Canberra. Our wicket is of the highest standard, we have a combined 9 turf & synthetic training wickets & our brand new clubhouse (2020) has all the features a local club could ever need.
Friends for life
When we first join up as juniors, we become part of a tight knit group. We make friends that last all through our junior careers & we share many of our most treasured memories. As seniors, the group widens and we develop close friendships that last the rest of our lives.
Amazing Volunteers
A successful club & top class facilities don't become the best by themselves. It's those incredible people working hard behind the scenes that make it all possible. We are extremely lucky to have a number of dedicated individuals that go above & beyond the call of duty.
Strong Junior Program
The main reason for the clubs success over its history is down to the strength of our junior club & our ability to continually produce top quality local cricketers. Our Junior programs have proven track results. They often dominate representative sides & as a club we perform extremely well at the competition awards night.
The club has 2 home grounds for its senior & junior cricket in Geoff Shaw Oval & Shane Lee Field respectively. All First Grade, Second Grade & often a number of representative home games are played at Geoff Shaw Oval. All Third Grade, Fourth Grade & Junior teams homes games are played at Shane Lee Field. Our main home ground is Geoff Shaw Oval where we are lucky to have the most modern & well equipped & best curated cricket facilities between Sydney & Canberra. It’s the combination of our amazing volunteers & top class facilities that make us the envy of other clubs & the reason we host a high percentage of representative & finals games.